If you’re reading this because of the video, welcome!

I don’t want to get too long winded, but here are a few more specifics:

  1. I am writing and producing a stage play about tabletop gamers.
  2. I don’t want to stop with a nice run at my local theater. My local theater is already showing incredible support, and I am happy to do business with them, but this show is something special. I believe it can go lots of places. My intention is to see it play either in a major theater town (New York or Chicago or London), or enjoy a successful tour.

There are a few dozen other intentions that I have with this show. Listing them would probably make me look insane and ridiculous. But this impacts you because those intentions include transparency into the production process, including script development, and the ability to see the show in its finished form.  The last time I put up a show, I had people showing support from places New Zealand and Australia. This was great, but other than a script, I had no way to reward that support. So this time around I want to capture a broadcast quality recording of the show so that everyone can take part and see what they’re getting behind.

My next entry will probably be to discuss everything that needs to happen to get this production off the ground. I’m still working on the script, too, so if I’ve gone quiet for a week or two, that’s probably why.

But to reassure you that this is indeed happening, my deadline for a finished draft is the first of the new year, with a reading to be scheduled in the middle of next month. That makes my first sign post 1/1/2018, to be followed by a reading 1/13/2018.

In the meantime, poke around the rest of this website, or look at some of my other nerdy videos, or feel free to cyber stalk my other stuff. I promise only the good stuff is true.

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