1/4/18 – Script Draft 1-0 Complete

I had wanted the first draft done by the first of the year, but I just ran out of time. On the plus side, I ended my dungeons and dragons game on new years eve. We had been playing for two or three years. And I say that like its a good thing because I got to give it a proper finale. We played. Took pictures of the huge board I made up. And when we were done we toasted with port.

With the script being finished, I am already considering a video series documenting this production. Because the “to do” list is kind of…large. I was going to elaborate on that, but I’ve already been in front of a computer for about ten hours today.

Next entry, either in writing or as a video, I will break down all of my production steps, and what I intend to do with this thing. Until then, all three or four of you actually reading this, stay warm in the cold weather.

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