The Collective Studiya

“Studiya” is Ukranian for “Studio”, a place that writers, actors, directors and producers all go to work and hone their craft. Theater and film are both collective efforts, the creativity and skills of many united and focused into singular works. This site is my own little internet studio space, a place I am happy to share with others.

I love stories and virtually all things that go into telling them. Everything about production fascinates me. I’ve done a lot of research, which taught me enough to make mistakes. More than once, I’ve wished someone or something was available to provide fundamental guidance. As much as I’m driven to create, I’ve developed an equal commitment to being and providing a resource for other creatives.

Who Am I?

Thomas Puketza is a writer, director, producer, actor, and nationally recognized speaker. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater from Temple University, studied film accounting under John Gaskin, and has consulted for the Winstead PC law firm. In 2014 he wrote, produced, and directed the retail comedy Work is Cheap. He is currently developing Saving Throw, a stage play about tabletop gamers.